Recuperacions Navarro Industry Veinat De Bruguera Girona

Recuperacions Marcel Navarro i Fills, SL is a company with a long history and experience acquired over the years in matters of waste management and treatment : collection, recovery and recycling of all types of materials. We handle the management of the entire process : from the collection of household or individual waste to obtaining the raw material that will be used to manufacture future objects through the already recycled product.

Founded by Mr. Marcel Navarro Paredes in 1963, the company began its journey in very difficult years. The beginnings are always hard. In the case of Recuperacions Navarro, it was not for less. Marcel Navarro started his activity as a waste collector in the area of Girona and surroundings with the only help of a modest truck. The activity was based on collecting the waste material that people did not use and then classifying them and giving them a second life. Over the years, the activity was growing, as well as the radius of action and began a period of expansion that has lasted to this day. The present and future of the company are treasured by his children: Santi and Marcel Navarro, whose strategic and ecological approach seeks to continue to grow in a sustainable way to the company.

Our trajectory has led us to work with an extensive portfolio of clients, to whom we have always offered the necessary services to be able to satisfy their needs. The certifications we have and our years of experience are the best guarantee of a job well done. Currently, at Recuperacions Navarro we are authorized and certified to carry out the following operations:

  • Manager authorized by the "Agència de Residus de Catalunya" with the code E-231.96
  • Carrier authorized by the "Agència de Residus de Catalunya" with the code T-521
  • Authorized transporter for inert construction waste by the "Agència de Residus de Catalunya" with the code TRC-00612
  • Authorized Carrier for Sandach class 1 and class 3
The natural resources of our planet are limited and recycling is of vital importance for the conservation and sustainability of the environment, which will allow us to have natural resources for many years to come.

Therefore, we contribute to the management of the environment: recycling and citizen awareness are vital for its protection. We want to get our work to all who are interested, thus contributing our grain of sand to the awareness of the population in the face of respect and protection of the environment. We respond to any doubts that may arise and we offer visits to our facilities to show how they work, especially in schools, so that from a young age we understand the need for recycling.

We are all participants: the reuse of materials is vital for the preservation of our planet's natural resources. The daily collection of industrial and domestic waste allows to contribute effectively to the protection of the environment. The waste and raw materials collected are recycled and treated to allow immediate reuse.